In a recently shared clip, The Roots drummer Questlove drops by Sesame Street to jam with Grover and learn about the letter “M”—which, of course, is for “musician.”

As Grover explains, “A drummer is a musician, and luckily, we have one of the world’s most amazing drummers right here…” Questlove begins to thank the blue puppet for the compliment before Grover cuts him off—”Me!” he says with confidence.

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Grover goes on to “teach” Questlove his best drum chops, which Quest unsurprisingly picks up pretty quickly. When he stops Grover’s lesson to show him his real abilities (Grover: “If you want, I do not want you to embarrass yourself”), the Sesame Street-er is unfazed by his talent. As Grover exclaims, “You know what? I am not only an excellent drummer, but I am also an amazing music teacher!” You can watch Quest play drums on Sesame Street below.

Grover Teaches Questlove To Play Drums On Sesame Street

[Video: Sesame Street]

This is not the first time Questlove has jammed out with members of the Sesame Street crew. Check out the 2013 video of Jimmy Fallon and The Roots playing the Sesame Street theme song on toy instruments below:

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots – Sesame Street Theme Song

[Video: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]