Questlove has launched an exclusive popcorn collaboration with kitchen retailer Williams Sonoma. The Grammy Award-winning musician and co-founder of the legendary The Roots was inspired by his love of popcorn and design to develop a line of products that create the ultimate experience for his fellow popcorn lovers.

Questlove’s new product line, The Questlove for Williams Sonoma Collection, features everything you need to season and serve popcorn, including cold-pressed avocado spray oil, lemon pepper seasoning, Saturday morning cereal seasoning, truffle parm rosemary seasoning, a glow bowl, and a special Questlove “SNEAKIES Set”. The “SNEAKIES set” includes a pocket-sized pack of all three seasoning flavors, designed for seasoning on the go and “sneaking” into the movie theatre.

As Questlove explains in a statement,

Movies and popcorn are one of the classic pairs in Western Civilization, like Starsky and Hutch or Ashford and Simpson. Being an avid movie-goer and huge popcorn fan, I wanted to create my own popcorn collection and give it a personal Questovian spin, in two directions. The first is my custom seasonings, which let you put extra punctuation on the sentence of your popcorn, either directly from the shaker or SNEAKIES, with the help of a good spray of avocado oil for full seasoning coverage. The second is the Glow Bowl I designed that will make your popcorn happy when it’s laying in there and you happy when you’re scooping it up with your hands on date night or at a holiday gathering.

The Questlove for Williams Sonoma Collection will be sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma. For more information and to purchase items from the Questlove for Williams Sonoma Collection, head here.

The Roots are gearing up for their upcoming five-show New Year’s run, or as the legendary crew likes to call it, their “holiday tour.” The band will focus on the Eastern Seaboard over the course of their five-show stint.

The Roots will start the run at Boston’s House Of Blues on Wednesday, December 26th, before heading south to Montclair, NJ’s Wellmont Theatre the following evening, Thursday, December 27th. The Roots then continue south with a show at Silver Spring, MD’s Fillmore on Friday, December 28th, and then hit Miami Beach, FL’s Fillmore, on Sunday, December 30th, following a night off on the 29th. The five-show run will conclude with an NYE show at Atlanta, GA’s Coca-Cola Roxy.