In 2005, R. Kelly ended his seventh studio album, TP. 3 Reloaded, with a five part mini ‘hip-hopera’ entitled ‘Trapped In The Closet’, hilariously telling a twisted soap opera-like story to an R&B beat. Twenty-two music videos later, Kelly shows no signs of slowing down, preparing to debut the next installments on IFC. Now, Rolling Stone is reporting that Kelly revealed at a recent Q&A that not only does he have 85 chapters complete in the studio, but that he is working on bringing ‘Trapped In The Closet’ to Broadway.

This can be nothing but awesome. If you’ve seen the videos, they are jaw-droppingly hilarious. Kelly knows just how ridiculous they are, and plays along, whether it be with a twinkle in his smile, or terrible green screen effects. It ends up just being an absolutely over the top hilarious video, and you can’t help but want more, and more, and more.

If R. Kelly himself appears in the Broadway show, I’m thinking this thing would be sold out for months. Seriously, run through Trapped In The Closet with Kelly on stage, then bring out a choir, bust out ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, and close the curtains. Instant Tony award. Between the TV Show on IFC and the Broadway Show, if he makes this a movie we could be talking EGOT.

New chapters of ‘Trapped In The Closet’ premiere on November 23rd at 9/8c.

Watch the ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Videos Here: