The new Radiohead album could drop at any moment, as the band seems to be gearing up for the major announcement. Just one day after mailing cryptic “Burn The Witch” leaflets to fans throughout the UK, they’ve taken things to the next level by clearing out their website, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

According to one Redditor, the website literally faded away, dropping in opacity every 10 minutes until it completely vanished. Between the hours of roughly 11-1 PM, fans would have seen the website perpetually dim.

Now, even the HTML code of the website is gone, leaving it totally blank. You can see it here, though fair warning, it’s just a blank page.

The social media accounts are mirroring this trend as well; the band has deleted all posts on Facebook and Twitter. With blank spaces and leaflets, it’s unclear what this band is up to, but it’s certainly something.