Radiohead has partnered with Epic Games for Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, an upside-down digital/analog universe formed from the original artwork by frontman Thom Yorke and artist Stanley DonwoodKid A Mnesia Exhibition will see a free, November 18th release on PlayStation 5, Mac, and PC.

Combined with sound design by Nigel Godrich, Radiohead designed the art exhibition to commemorate 21 years of the band’s Kid A and Amnesiac albums. The band originally intended on a physical, in-person experience initially set to debut in London, with plans to travel to New York, Tokyo, Paris, and more. A slew of complications including zoning laws and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic thwarted those plans, however, causing the group to pivot.

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Instead, gamers and fans alike will be able to immerse themselves in the exhibition from the comfort of their homes using a PlayStation 5 or computer. Yorke, Donwood, and Godrich joined forces with video/computer artist and creative director Sean Evans, theatre set designer Christine Jones, interactive producer Matthew Davis, his studio [namethemachine], and game developer Arbitrarily Good Productions to make this experience a (virtual) reality, then bringing in Epic Games for delivery to the world.

Fans can experience the Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, when it goes live, here on PlayStation 5, and here on PC and Mac. Scroll down for the official announcement trailer.

Radiohead recently released the Kid A Mnesia compilation album, along with a new music video for “Follow Me Around“. Kid A Mnesia arrived as a three-CD album. The first disk featured Radiohead’s fourth album, 2000’s Kid A, while disk two contained the band’s entire fifth album, 2001’s Amnesiac. The third disk, KID AMNESIA, contained unearthed material from the Kid A/Amnesiac recording sessions that never made it to a studio release. Head here for purchase and streaming options.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition [Official Trailer]