Iconic children’s musician Raffi honored the mothers participating in protests Portland, OR with the song “Portland Moms”, released on Saturday.

As President Donald Trump deploys federal troops into major cities across the country, including Portland, a coalition of self-identified mothers has banded together to help save the people who continue to gather in protest of police brutality and racial inequality. As unlikely as it may have seemed that a “Wall of Moms” would be the only thing standing between protestors and rubber bullets, it now appears that Raffi has joined the movement.

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The song, which Raffi released on Twitter over the weekend, is a simple, 76-second reimagining of “Buffalo Gals”, featuring call-and-response phrasing of “Portland Moms won’t you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight/ Portland Moms won’t you come out tonight by the light of the silvery moon.” Meanwhile, Raffi lays down the kind of simple walking guitar melody that makes him so palatable to children, joined by Lindsay Munroe on vocals and Ivan Rosenberg for a tasteful dobro solo.

Listen to the new protest anthem from children’s singer Raffi, “Portland Moms”, dedicated to the brave mothers on the front lines of police brutality protests.

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