On November 27, super political rockers Rage Against the Machine will release XX, to celebrate the release of their self-titled album’s 20th Anniversary. The reissue will be made available in three different formats, which will include liner notes from Public Enemy’s Chuck D.

The reissue will be released in three varying formats, which are as follows: a remastered CD version with three bonus cuts – which will include music videos and live footage from a ’97 VHS compilation PLUS a free concert the band performed at Finsbury Park in London in June 2010; a double CD with bonus DVD will also include live footage from the ’91-’94 period; or a box set with two CDs, two DVDs, a vinyl LP, a two-sided poster and a 40-page booklet. A second 180-gram vinyl picture disc and reproduction of the original LP will also be released, though it will not contain any bonus tracks. There will also be three B-sides (which will be available on the single CD) and the band’s first demo (available in the double CD package).

The biggest question that many fans are asking themselves is whether or not RATM will be playing any shows, or even possibly announcing a full-fledged tour to celebrate 20th Anniversary release of this monumental album.  The last show Rage played was on July 30th, 2011 for the L.A. Rising Festival with Muse, Rise Against, and several other bands.  Shows have been sporadic since the band broke up after the Battle of Los Angeles album and tour.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed, because there aren’t many bands out there like RATM these days.  Keep up with L4LM for any updates, as we will let you know of any announcements.

You can pre-order the reissue here.

Here is a look at Rage’s “Bulls on Parade” video from their album Evil Empire: http://youtu.be/-58-36lSqG4