Rage Against The Machine singer Zack de la Rocha showed remarkable resilience on Monday, finishing the band’s concert at Chicago’s United Center after suffering an onstage leg injury that prevented him from standing for most of the show. The performance was the second show of RATM’s Public Service Announcement Tour, which kicked off on Saturday at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, WI with the band’s first concert in 11 years.

Just four songs into the set, after performing “Bullet in the Head”, Zack de la Rocha exited the stage, per Consequence, and when he returned, he announced that he had injured his leg, but that it would not stop the performance: “I don’t know what happened to my leg right now. Straight up, but you know what? We’re gonna keep this fucking shit going. I can crawl across this stage. We’re gonna play for you all tonight.”

The singer performed the rest of the show sitting atop a monitor, attempting to stand several times but apparently unable to put weight on his injured leg.

After closing the show with “Killing In The Name,” guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford, and drummer Brad Wilk gathered around de la Rocha, commending his effort and helping the singer off the stage.

Rage Against The Machine will perform at Chicago’s United Center again tonight, Tuesday, July 12th. Watch fan-shot videos of the band’s show on Monday including clips of Zack de la Rocha’s injury and subsequent seated performance below.

Rage Against The Machine – “Bullet In The Head” (Zack de la Rocha Leg Injury) – 7/11/22

[Video: cdf12345]

Rage Against The Machine – “Wake Up” – 7/11/22

Rage Against The Machine – “Down Rodeo” – 7/11/22

Rage Against The Machine – “People of the Sun” – 7/11/22

[Video: Rich Ramey]

Rage Against The Machine – “Killing in the Name Of” – 7/11/22

[Video: Jim Dudukovich]

Rage Against The Machine – “Bombtrack” – 7/11/22

[Video: balddave12161]

Rage Against The Machine – “Sleep Now In The Fire” – 7/11/22

[Video: Official Mike Petrasek]

Rage Against The Machine – “Testify” – 7/11/22

[Video: Official Mike Petrasek]

Rage Against The Machine – “Know Your Enemy” – 7/11/22

[Video: Le Grande Band]

Rage Against The Machine – “Bulls On Parade” – 7/11/22

[Video: Le Grande Band]

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Setlist: Rage Against The Machine | United Center | Chicago, IL | 7/11/22

Set: Bombtrack, People of the Sun, Bulls on Parade, Bullet in the Head, Testify, Tire Me, Wake Up, Guerrilla Radio, Down Rodeo, Know Your Enemy, Calm Like a Bomb > Sleep Now in the Fire, War Within a Breath, The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen), Freedom, Township Rebellion
(Shortened), Killing in the Name

Note: “Take the Power Back” was on the setlist after “Testify” but wasn’t played—“Tire Me” (not on the set) played instead. Zack injured his leg during “Bullet in the Head” and had to sit on a monitor for the rest of the show.