Railroad Earth kicked off the second night of their run through Denver’s Ogden Theatre this past Saturday, January 21st, with heightened moods. Scott Pemberton Trio opened up the evening with an eclectic showcase of Pemberton’s genre-bending talent. His sound had influences of rock, jazz, blues and funk all intertwined in one spectacular performance. Pemberton has a unique way of playing his guitar and displayed it on stage by laying it flat on a barstool and ripping into a guitar solo that made everyone look to their neighbors in amazement. Ending his set with a hard hitting cover of “Dear Prudence” by the The Beatles, by the crowds response it was clear that Denver will be looking forward to his return.

RRE walked out on stage to a roaring sold out venue and dove right into their first set opening up with “Monkey” wearing big smiles on their faces. Show-goers kept their hands in the air as they made their way through songs like “Bird in a House” and “Been Down This Road”. The set ended with a great run that included “Long Walk Home,” “1759,” and “Fisherman’s Blues.” You can see a video of “Bird in a House” below, from Kyle Isaac.

The second set was graced with two songs that had never been played live. The first one “Blazin a Trail” by Todd Sheaffer with Andy Thorn on the banjo, and the second being “The Berkeley Flash,” an instrumental written by mandolinist John Skehan. Andy Thorn would also sit in on RRE’s classic tune “Head,” stretching the number out past the fifteen minute mark.

Railroad Earth’s encore performance was a perfect way to play on what has been going on in our country. As everyone knows, there was a massive nationwide protest against our newly elected President earlier that same day. The band decided to pay homage to the events unfolding by playing a cover of “My Sisters and Brothers” by Jerry Garcia Band. These guys from New Jersey really know how to put on an incredible show and Saturday night solidified that.

Watch “My Sisters and Brothers” below, with video courtesy of Kyle Isaac.

Listen to full audio from the show below, courtesy of taper gerry gladu.

Setlist: Railroad Earth | Ogden Theatre | Denver, CO | 1/21/17

Set 1: Monkey, Dance Around Molly> Dandelion Wine, Bird in a House, Been Down This Road, Butterfly and the Tree, Any Road, Long Walk Home> 1759> Fisherman’s Blues

Set 2: Like a Buddha, Lovin’ You, Blazin’ a Trail*, Head**, Black Elk Speaks> Hangtown Ball, The Berkeley Flash***, Warhead Boogie> Chasin’ a Rainbow

Encore: My Sisters and Brothers

* First time played, with Andy Thorn on banjo, written by Todd Sheaffer

** With Andy Thorn on banjo

*** First time played, instrumental written by John Skehan