Trey Anastasio Band’s Ray Paczkowski underwent surgery on Friday after doctors discovered that he was suffering from a brain tumor. The keyboardist, who also comprises one half of Soul Monde (with TAB drummer Russ Lawton), is currently in the hospital recovering.

As Trey Anastasio’s Monday, March 19th post reads:

Hi friends,

After a few months of experiencing headaches and nausea, Ray ended up in the emergency room not long ago. It was discovered that he had a brain tumor.

He went into surgery on Friday and is expected to make a full recovery. His family is with him, and I was able to visit with him last week. He was in good spirits, despite the situation.

We are all hoping, praying and sending him mountains of love and best wishes. We love you Ray! Get well soon!!


Paczkowski—affectionately known as “The Milkman” on account of the 10+ years he spent working on a dairy farm—began touring with Trey Anastasio Band in 2001. Since then, he’s contributed his keys to a variety of Anastasio projects like The Octet, The Dectet, and Dave Matthews & Friends.

Paczkowski’s diagnosis and surgery came in the midst of an ongoing Soul Monde tour, which was scheduled to bring him and Lawton around much of the Northeast in March. Earlier this month, the pair postponed their Rochester and Syracuse shows due to illness, and it’s fair to assume that their March 22nd show in Brooklyn and their March 24th show in Hartford, CT will not be taking place. Additionally, there is currently no word on whether or not Paczkowski will be joining Trey Anastasio Band when they embark on their spring tour in mid-April.

We wish Ray Paczkowski all the best in his recovery and can’t wait to see him onstage once again when he’s healthy and ready to perform.