On August 6th and after twelve prior nights of donut-themed shows, Phish’s Baker’s Dozen run at the iconic Madison Square Garden came to a close, with the Vermont quartet ending the run on a high with their final “Glazed” performance. On Sunday ahead of the evening’s performance, news broke that New York City mayor, Bill De Blasio, had proclaimed the day to be “Phish Day” in honor of the end of their celebrated, thirteen-night residency. Already, Phish’s time at Madison Square Garden was historic—outside of the fact that Baker’s Dozen saw the band perform the longest consecutive streak of shows to ever take place at the Garden, Phish did so without repeating a single song, and Friday, August 4th, marked Phish’s 50th show at the 20,000+ person venue. As such, Mayor De Blasio’s proclamation was the perfect capstone to Phish’s two-week MSG run, solidly marking the last night of the Baker’s Dozen as an important milestone in both Phish’s history and the larger history of the residency’s host city.

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After the formal announcement of “Phish Day,” the NYC Mayor’s Office tweeted a picture of Team Phish backstage at MSG with members of the Mayor’s Office holding the proclamation beneath a sign honoring Phish for performing 50 shows at the well-loved venue along with the caption: “Thanks for the memories we shared, we’ll never forget either.” The Office then posted a close-up image of the proclamation, though it was, unfortunately, a little difficult to read.

Today, the NYC Mayor’s Office has released the official text of its “Phish Day” proclamation on August 6th. Outside of honoring Phish for their monumental Baker’s Dozen run, the proclamation also recognizes the group for their charitable organization, The Waterwheel Foundation. As an inside shout-out to Phish fans, the final sentence begins with, “Tonight, as vibrantly dressed fans gather at MSG to bounce around the room and await the Reprise.” You can read the entirety of the proclamation below, courtesy of the NYC Mayor’s Office.