Reed Mathis‘s Electric Beethoven is back with “New Path”, a rearrangement of the second movement of Beethoven‘s Piano Sonata #8 featuring saxophonist Karl Denson. Released via Eddie Roberts‘ (The New Mastersounds) Color Red label, the track was inspired by jazz progenitor Charlie Parker and features Jason Hann (The String Cheese Incident) on percussion.

“New Path” is the longest studio track Reed Mathis and Electric Beethoven have ever released, clocking in at 8:36. Mathis laid down the foundation of the song on electric guitar and enlisted keyboardist Todd Stoops to play the bass line on synth. Drummer Josh Raymer added some groove to the track, complemented by Hann’s percussion, but featured most prominently are the saxophone stylings of Karl Denson, who has been a friend and mentor to Mathis since sitting in with his first band, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, 20 years ago.

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Rather than recreating the melody from Beethoven’s original composition, Mathis and Denson decided to use an approach inspired by their shared love of Charlie Parker. Taking the album Charlie Parker with Strings as a model, the duo “[eschewed] the written melody altogether, … instead, weaving a freeform improvised melody from the emotion contained in the raw chord changes themselves,” according to a statement.

“New Path” will be among the songs featured on Hear No Evil, the group’s forthcoming double LP, which will include a multitude of unreleased tracks featuring fellow Color Red collaborators and “an entire remix series of electronically produced reconfigurations of the group’s works by esteemed producers on today’s circuit.”

“New Path” is now available on all streaming platforms. Listen to the song via YouTube in the player below, and click below to view the track credits.

Electric Beethoven – “New Path” (ft. Karl Denson)

“New Path” Credits

Produced by Reed Mathis

Reed Mathis – Bass, Musical Arrangement
Todd Stoops – Keyboards, Electric Organ
Clay Welch – Guitar
Josh Raymer – Drums
Jason Hann – Percussion Instruments
Karl Denson – Saxophone

Tracking Engineer – Mike Tallman
Mixing Engineer – Rob Eaton
Overdub Engineer – Josh Fairman,
Mike Tallman Mastering Engineer – Doug Krebs

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Earlier this year, Reed Mathis shared a behind-the-scenes video explaining the process he used to record his “soprano bass” part for “The Path”, another piece based on Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #8. The video explains how Mathis utilized an octave effect and volume pedal to simulate the sound of a violin. Watch the video below to learn more.

Reed Mathis (Electric Beethoven) Tracking Soprano Part In “The Path”