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Remember That Fire J Dilla Tribute That Went Down In NOLA Last Year?

J Dilla is undeniably one of the most prolific hip-hop producers that ever lived. During his lifetime, some of the genre’s most incredible talents used beats created by Dilla; songs that would go down as some of the biggest hip-hop and R&B hits to this day. Even though he passed away eleven years ago, there is still a huge catalog of untitled tracks still coming out to see the light of day. The creativity was endless with Dilla.

Last year, Chris Rogers of Fiyawerx Presents, along with Borahm Lee (Break Science / Pretty Lights Live Band) put together a seriously talented lineup of musicians to pay tribute to the legendary producer for a special late-night performance during Jazz Fest at Maison dubbed ‘Killa 4 Dilla.’ Rogers discussed the putting the show together:

“A year ago today the amazing Borahm Lee and I put together a tribute to celebrate the life of one of Hip Hop’s greatest ever, J Dilla. We enlisted some of the baddest cats to get it done- Borahm himself, Ivan Neville, Nigel Hall (on bass!), Alvin Ford Jr., Ryan Zoidis, Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom, Andrew Block, and Matthew Zarba on the mic. With sit-ins by our friends Adam Deitch, Jneiro Viberian Jarel, Derrick Freeman and Fiyawerx’s own DJ Otto opening. It’s incredible the amount of love Borahm and these guys poured into this night. Shout out to Steven W. Richardson for the great work with the A/V recording. I have been holding this back for an entire year. Just hit play. It’ll be the best 90 minute ride of your day. Trust me on this one.”

Check out the full performance below, courtesy of Steven W. Richardson: