Seeds?, the electro-funk-hop squad based out of Huntsville, Alabama, just released a stylish illustrated video for the vibey new single, “Rendezvous Sometime Soon”, featuring Jesus Coomes (Lettuce) on bass and Ryan Viser on trumpet.

Seeds? bring more of their intoxicating mesh of jazz-funk/hip-hop vibrations on the track, ably assisted by Coomes low-end boom and Viser’s inspired horn, and all incorporated into the crunk concoctions and musical cartoons found in the clip.

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Seeds? songs always tell a symbolic story of some kind, often crafting sagas that transport the listener away from the doldrums of day to day life. The band mostly exists in a far-away galaxy of comic book characters, cartoon funk superheroes, and interplanetary battles of supremacy. “Rendezvous Sometime Soon” reveals the classic clash of good versus evil mixed with a narrative that borrows its psychedelic funk ethos, imagination, and intention from legendary tales of the Mothership Connection.

Seeds? hypeman Nickel Plated Gold had the vision for the video treatment, and he was responsible for manifesting the characters and storyline for “Rendezvous Sometime Soon”. The video was illustrated by Adam Hatch, a.k.a. Da Doodly Dude, who was tasked with bringing Nickel Plated Gold’s vision to life on screen. This included developing imagery for five different planets—one for each band member—as well as depicting their alter-egos.

The video treatment is a short story that stars the members of Seeds? in space, reveals everything from underwater planets with mermaids to a spacecraft with drum kit, frozen planets with wooly mammoths, a stand-off at the portal to Funktopia, and other humorous outer-spacial anachronisms.

After much pageantry, a final battle eventually takes place; both Coomes and Viser’s characters swoop in to save the day. At long last, the intergalactic rendezvous proceeds to go down, in the form of a bombastic jam between all planetary players. Seeds? plus Jesus and Ryan are able to summon the necessary funk required to send the villains back to the darkest depths of the universe.

Hatch’s cartoon art is the perfect match for Seeds? DIY aesthetic, making the video for “Rendezvous Sometime Soon” an entertaining joyride in and out of Funktopia. Watch the video for “Rendezvous Sometime Soon” by Seeds? below.

Seeds? ft. Jesus Coomes, Ryan Viser – “Rendezvous Sometime Soon” – Official Video

[Video: Seeds?]

Seeds? band members on “Rendezvous Sometime Soon”

Proper AKA The Afrodisiac: Guitar/Vocals/Production
Seantanamo Bay AKA Sean in 60 Seconds: Drums
Breezy AKA The Human Caricature: MC

with special guests:
Jesus Coomes (Lettuce): Bass
Ryan Viser: Trumpet

Seeds? band members not on this track:
Nickel Plated Gold AKA Coconut Longboy: HypeMan/Video Conceptualist
LandLord Dan AKA Toot Sweet: Trumpet
Tryptone AKA DJ Trap Phone: Vocalist

words: B.Getz