This past weekend, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival drew a whole slew of talented artists to the Sunshine State. However, can we nominate David Shaw of The Revivalists for Most Badass Performance of the festival (joining other badass nominees like The Pow Wow Super Jam that brought together Michael McDonald, Solange, Eric Krasno, Vulfpeck, and others)?

David Shaw, the frontman for The Revivalists, was doing his thing during The Revivalists’ Saturday daytime set at the Be Stage when he accidentally cut open his head. Unaware of the gash at first, Shaw kept raging the set, only to realize that he was covered in blood. Instead of taking off upon realizing he was injured, Shaw grabbed a towel, wiped off his face, and finished out the set without batting an eye. Luckily, Shaw was not too badly injured by the cut, and is now on the mend after receiving eight stitches for the wound. Check out his Instagram post about it.