Aww jeeze, it’s time to get “Schwifty” with some new music this summer–and what better way to compose the music to your own adventures than on a Rick and Morty-themed synthesizer. According to reports, the Rick and Morty team over at Adult Swim has teamed up with Swedish electronics company Teenage Engineering to produce a small but effective mini-synth for fans to purchase and play with as the popular animated show gears up for the arrival of its fourth season later this year.

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The hand-held-sized instrument has been named “PO-137,” in reference to the universal identification number of the show’s main characters. The limited edition instrument features vocal samples of both Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, courtesy of the show’s voice actor Justin Roiland. The electronic music instrument looks to allow users to utilize eight separate voice and effects samples, in addition to being able to write, record, and play one’s own beat mix. Unfortunately, this synthesizer won’t be able to provide any LSD-fueled hallucinations, even though the show’s producers have shown favor to the psychoactive drug in the past.

Watch and hear some audio samples from the latest musical inspiration from the Rick and Morty universe below.

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“Fart into this music box!” Teenage Engineers added in a statement to go with the synth’s announcement via social media late last week. “We are so excited to reveal our latest collaboration with Rick and Morty. Together, we created a limited-edition pocket operator (PO-137) available online [at] the beginning of July.”

The instrument’s announcement is just the latest example of how the show’s fictional universe continues to successfully incorporate itself within the music industry. The show’s animators have teamed up for collaborations with real-life artists including Run The Jewels. A Rick And Morty Musical Ricksperience Orchestra was even put together to headline the inaugural Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles this past fall.

The show’s fourth season is currently scheduled to arrive this November.