Robert Walter resurfaced this week to deliver the second-to-last installment of his Better Feathers series, this one featuring his Greyboy Allstars bandmate Chris Stillwell as well as drummer Jake Najor. The penultimate episode of the series of digital 45s comes in the form of two singles, “Wet From The Press” and “Feeder, Doctor, Talker”.

First up is “Wet From The Press”, which hosts Greyboy drummer Zak Najor‘s brother Jake. The use of electronic drums to start the song gives the track a modern feel before Walter drops in with low-end synths that balance out with light, surface-level keyboards. The result is a boppy track that goes full Greyboy when Najor’s drums really kick in.

Walter gets Najor and bassist Chris Stillwell in on the B-side, “Feeder, Doctor, Talker”. The resulting track carries a darker, industrial feel. The keys sprinkle down like rain as Walter toggles through his whole arsenal for this downtempo, acid-jazz composition.

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These two songs come as the fifth monthly edition of the Better Feathers series launched by the keyboardist back in June. The 12-song series of what Walter calls “digital 45s” finds him teaming up with peers including Mike GordonCraig BroadheadStanton Moore, John Kimock, and more. Better Feathers, distributed via Royal Potato Family, is set to wrap later this month.

The title Better Feathers comes from the natural process of birds shedding their feathers, similar to how Walter shed his typical stylistic approach for the series. For Walter, that process was spurred by the COVID-induced lockdown, noting, “it was time to shift gears and think of the situation as a positive and not a negative; an unexpected abundance of time to emerge with something of value.”

Stream the two latest installments of the Robert Walter Better Feathers series, “Wet From The Press” and “Feeder, Doctor, Talker”, featuring his Greyboy Allstars bandmate Chris Stillwell as well as Jake Najor. The tracks, along with every volume of Better Feathers, are available for purchase on Walter’s Bandcamp.

Robert Walter — “Wet From The Press” (ft. Jake Najor)

[Video: Royal Potato Family]

Robert Walter — “Feeder, Doctor, Talker” (ft. Jake Najor, Chris Stillwell)

[Video: Royal Potato Family]