Robert Walter has returned with two more installments of his Better Feathers series, featuring a guest appearance by John Kimock. The latest tracks from the keyboardist’s series of digital 45s, “Security” and “It’s Not What’s”, are available now.

On the first single, “Security”, Walter teams up with his Mike Gordon bandmate—and son of celebrated guitarist Steve Kimock—John Kimock for some rhythmic experiments. Watler kicks off the song with some fading phasers before Morgan sounds off with pulsating beats. Together, the two musicians explore retro rhythms awash in backroom elegance.

“I’ve always been interested in improvising over unusual rhythm section concepts,” Walter said of the song. “‘Security’ started with a sequencer pattern that I built layers upon. It seemed like a good vehicle for John Kimock’s linear, propulsive drumming. This is more about forward motion than relaxed groove. I also created some atmosphere by using a ribbon controller to bend some chords on a synth in an attempt to mimic a lap steel.”

Walter takes the other single, “It’s Not What’s”, on solo as he lays out an understated soundscape. Gone is Kimock’s frenetic drumming, replaced with a simplistic 808 machine as Walter adds sparing electro-flourishes to give the track qualities more reminiscent of a hip-hop beat than that of the Greyboy Allstar.

“‘It’s Not What’s’ was inspired by my daily early morning walks,” Walter said. “I wanted to make an 808 tune that was beautiful and pastoral. I like the juxtaposition of the drum machine and meditative, modal piano. The hi-hats remind me of sprinklers on the suburban lawns of my neighborhood. There are birds at the beginning of the song that I recorded on my phone during one of my walks.”

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This pair of songs come as the fourth monthly edition of the Better Feathers series launched by the keyboardist back in June. The 12-song series of what Walter calls “digital 45s” finds him teaming up with peers including Mike GordonCraig BroadheadStanton Moore, Jake NajorChris Stillwell, and more. Better Feathers, distributed via Royal Potato Family, is set to run through October.

The title Better Feathers comes from the natural process of birds shedding their feathers, similar to how Walter shed his typical stylistic approach for the series. For Walter, that process was spurred by the COVID-induced lockdown, noting, “it was time to shift gears and think of the situation as a positive and not a negative; an unexpected abundance of time to emerge with something of value.”

Stream the two newest installments of the Robert Walter Better Feathers series, “Security” featuring John Kimock and “It’s Not What’s”, below or on your preferred streaming platform.

Robert Walter — “Security” (ft. John Kimock)

[Video: The Royal Potato Family]

Robert Walter — “It’s Not What’s”

[Video: The Royal Potato Family]