As independent promoters and venues continue to tread water during the ongoing live event shutdown, New York City-based promoter Rocks Off is finding new ways to reach its music-loving audience: a special line of protective masks that lets fans represent their personalities while protecting their health when they venture outside.

The Rocks Off face masks are being sold through their partner Threadless, while $3 from every mask sold will be donated to Medshare, a non-profit organization that recovers surplus medical supplies and equipment from U.S. hospitals and manufacturers and redistributes them to hospitals in need in developing countries.

“Anyone who knows us here at Rocks Off knows that we take personal expression incredible seriously,” says Rocks Off Unicorn in Chief, Jake Szufnarowski. “Whether it is our dress, our haircuts and dye jobs, our ridiculous tattoos, or just the animated way we act to pump energy into our events, we are the antithesis of wallflowers, and it’s impossible for us to hide or blend in, even if we wanted to. When we realized that the foreseeable future of life in NYC, and America for that matter, would involve face masks, we wanted to find a way to make it fun … We came up with over 300 designs from the wholesome to whacked out, and everything in between. Something for everyone, we hope! Because if you’re going to have to wear a face mask, why not pick one (or a few) up that makes you proud to wear it. Keep stylish while keeping safe!”

Rocks Off’s protective mask line includes an array of music-oriented face coverings featuring general live music imagery like “dancing on the ceiling” and “crowd surfing” as well as artist-specific items for fans of PhishFrank ZappaDavid BowieThe BeatlesBillie Eilish, the Grateful Dead, and hundreds more.

Browse the whole collection of Rocks Off protective face masks and pick one that suits your personality here.

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Rocks Off is used to finding creative approaches to earning money as an independent promoter in New York City’s crowded entertainment market, having developed such unique concept as the Rocks Off concert cruise series, Rocks Off walking tours, film festivals, bus trips to area concerts and festivals, and more. The company has also found success with its irreverent streetwear line whose signature design depicts a unicorn humping a dolphin under a rainbow—a design that is also available on protective face masks via Rocks Off’s mask store.