Roger Waters has announced that he will join the cast of the off-Broadway production of The Exonerated, taking the leap and going from musician to actor.  Between Nov. 27th – Dec. 2nd, Waters will play the role of Gary Gauger, who was convicted of murdering his mother and father in Illinois in 1993, and eventually exonerated in 1996.  It’s a true story based on six individuals convicted of murder and sentenced to death, who were later set free amidst evidence that countered their involvement in any wrong-doings.  The Exonerated is a poignant and relevant story, especially in today’s environment with a justice system that is very simply ineffective and fatally flawed.

From the CultureProject website:

“2012 marks the 10th anniversary of Culture Project’s New York premiere of The Exonerated, a ground-breaking dramatization of the real-life stories of six individuals who were sentenced to death and later freed amidst overwhelming evidence of their innocence. It is a powerful play culled from interviews, letters, transcripts, case files and court records of individuals on death row. As timely as ever, The Exonerated is once again poised to increase visibility and to create a sense of urgency as part of a rising movement to restore justice to a system that has shown itself time and again to be deeply flawed. Since 1989, when the first DNA exoneration took place, 300 post-conviction DNA exonerations have been won in 36 states.”

If you have interest in checking out the show, get on your tickets fast, as Culture Project is a very small and intimate theater.  You can purchase tickets for The Exonerated here.