Earlier this week, the hip-hop super-duo Run The Jewels released “No Save Point“, a single written for the Cyberpunk 2077 video game soundtrack. On Friday, Run The Jewels then released the “No Save Point” music video during day one of Adult Swim Festival, along with an exclusive interview.

Before Run The Jewels would premiere the official music video for “No Save Point”, members El-P and Killer Mike sat down with Adult Swim to discuss all things Cyberpunk 2077, inspiration for the song, and even… robotic genitals.

El-P started the interview by explaining how easy it was for him to find inspiration for the song, saying, “I grew up on all of those sorta dystopian, sci-fi, cyberpunk films, comics, novels. It was really easy for me to get into the mind state for this.”

Killer Mike had a more simplistic, yet equally relevant response.

“I like shooting shit, and in video games you can do that and not go to jail, so I was all in.”

All joking aside, the duo then discussed their experience actually playing the game ahead of its release and the themes that they latched onto for their song. Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in a dystopian future where a high-tech city sits amidst a desolate, decrepit wasteland of generations past. Housed in the glamourous and futuristic, yet gilded, city are hordes of impoverished communities tyrannized by their rulers. Roving gangs work within the city and outlying wastelands, which sets the plot for the player’s main character. El-P and Killer Mike aimed to create a song that would fit well within this setting, a future they believe is very possible but obviously not desirable.

“I wanted to bookend it with something that felt like it could in a sequel to Bladerunner,” said El-P. “I wanted to stick it in the Cyberpunk world and feel like you could listen to this jam in a flying car… and at the same time have a hard ass, almost drum break feeling jam because for the exact reason that I just think hardcore dope rap is gonna be around in the future.”

“I enjoy kinda rapping about, you know, saying that homeless people are living in the shadows of these skyscrapers and, at the same time, these elite people are using their body parts,” explained Killer Mike.

He continued, “So it’s a movie, to me, but it’s also based in a very real reality, too.”

Watch the full interview with Run The Jewels and the “No Save Point” music video premiere below. Head to the Cyberpunk 2077 website to pre-order the game, due out on December 10th.

Run The Jewels – Adult Swim Festival Interview/ “No Save Point” Music Video Premiere

[Video: Adult Swim]