Run The Jewels rapper Killer Mike (real name–Michael Render) was one of the featured guests on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday. The popular musician and television host was on the late-night show to talk about his new Netflix series, Trigger Warning With Killer Mike, which debuted on the popular streaming platform earlier this month back on January 18th.

For those who haven’t seen the first six episodes of the new series, its premise follows Render as he explores some of the current social issues in America ranging from race relations, drug usage, gangs, religion, and poverty. Meyers and Render spent the interview discussing what the popular rap artist and social activist learned during his time with the various interview subjects seen in the show’s first season.

“My theory is, the more individual contact you have with people who don’t look like you, who are not of your class, who are not of your race, sex, or religion, the greater the chances of building friendships and empathy through that, and then taking it into the greater world,” Render explained, followed by an applause of agreement from the audience.

The two entertainers also spent time breaking down the always-interesting topic of “White Gang Privilege,” which Render explained by comparing how outlaw organizations like the Hell’s Angels can benefit off their brand by selling merch, versus members of the Crips or Bloods, who are not offered the same amount of commercial leniency by today’s society. Fans can watch the entire interview in the video below to learn more.

Killer Mike Interview – Late Night With Seth Meyers – 1/30/2019

[Video: Late Night with Seth Meyers]

Run The Jewels will return to Render’s hometown of Atlanta this weekend to perform at the DIRECTV Super Saturday Night concert event alongside Foo Fighters on Saturday night.