This past weekend Charleston, SC based Phish tribute Runaway Gin made their long awaited Big Apple debut to rave reviews. In the 3rd show of their pre-Thanksgiving run, the rigorously touring Phish tribute introduced Manhattan to both the slow and funky “Llama” (as played at Mann in 2016 and Raleigh in 2015) and “Camel Walk” with the beat from “Honky Tonk Women” (similar to Phish’s version with the “Low Rider” beat from a Dick’s 2016 soundcheck.)

In a seeming nod to the Hampton 1998 Phish run played 18 years before almost to the date, Runaway Gin opened the Highline Ballroom show in the same fashion with Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll (pt. 2)” hyping the crowd into a frenzy for the phan favorite “Tweezer” which followed. “Tweezer” quickly went type 2 and out popped a surprise “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley” which quickly went off the rails into a neo-psychedelic jam space.

Watch the “Tweezer” > “Sneaking Sally In The Alley” video below, courtesy of LazyLightning55a.

Next RG pummeled into a fiery “Axilla (pt. 1)” in honor of Graig Adler (@FurryThug)’s Birthday followed by the juggeranaut compostion “Reba” which was then followed by a shreddy “Maze” with some whistling over the intro reminiscent of the Darien Lake 1993 version. Unlike the Darien Lake version however – Runaway Gin returned to tag Reba after “Maze”. To end the set RG played a psychedelic and funky jammed out Tube followed by a searing Good Times Bad Times which featured some backwards guitar playing from guitarist Andy Greenberg.

Watch the band take on “Maze,” courtesy of LazyLightning55a.

Set two opened with a rare combo of “Wolfman’s Brother” -> “Cities” which in response to a cardboard Llama head cut out in the crowd cleanly segued into a slow funky version of “Llama”. Next Runaway Gin played another song absent from 2016 Fall Tour – the ubiquitously requested “You Enjoy Myself”. YEM led into a vocal jam per usual which quickly gave way to “Twist” which transitioned into “Carini” and finally morphed into “Tweezer Reprise” to end the set.

In rare form Runaway Gin reemerged to thunderous applause for a four song encore consisting of a surprising “Camel Walk” with the beat from “Honky Tonk Woman”, a cover of Ween’s “Roses are Free” fused deftly into the Phish classic “Lizards”, and finally Phish’s hyper-speed rendition of bluegrass classic “Uncle Pen”.

Setlist: Runaway Gin at Highline Ballroom, New York, NY – 11/19/16

Set I: Rock and Roll (pt. 2) > Tweezer -> Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley -> Axilla (pt.1)$, Reba -> Maze* > Reba, Tube > Good Times Bad Times

Set II: Wolfman’s Brother -> Cities -> Llama^, You Enjoy Myself -> Twist -> Carini > Tweezer Reprise

E: Camel Walk&, Roses are Free -> Lizards, Uncle Pen

$dedicated to Graig Adler *w/ whistling over intro ^slow and funky &w/ beat from Honky Tonk Women