Alisa Tiburzi

With the release of “KAPOW”, Rusko’s latest 4-track EP, huge waves have been made in the ocean that is EDM. After a blunder with Mad Decent, which he was releasing tracks through before, it’s clear that Rusko has no plans to return to a record label, rather choosing to continue giving his music away for free. And with music this good, it almost seems like a crime to download it.. Luckily it’s not, and you can download for free right off of Rusko’s Facebook page.

Rusko is one of the biggest names in the dubstep scene. He strays away from any specific genre, and just produces dance-floor bangers that leave jaws dropping everywhere! Anyone who has seen him live will definitely place him in their list of best performing artists, not to mention the fact that every one of his tracks are ridiculously unique. About 1 minute into this EP it’s made deafeningly obvious that this EP is one that lives up to its name: KAPOW. Or more like KA-BANGER!!!

The track “Yeah” starts with this upbeat dance rhythm, but happily surprises with hard-hitting wobbles. If anyone can fuse two very different styles into one song, Rusko has definitely done it with perfection. It’s a track that can make you jump up and dance one minute, but have you womp out to those low frequency wobbles the next. He proves his ability to mix and match and create his own genres throughout the rest of the EP.  “Booyakasha” has a non-stop vibe that builds up the anticipation before each drop, sure to have crowds dancing like crazy. Even during breakdowns the beat never stops. The vocals on “Bring it Back” draw you in, while the funky glitch of the song keeps you there. Finally, the super funky “Like This” leaves us with a realization of how much Rusko has changed. It’s another mix of fast dance beats with heavy wobbles that are sure to leave the bass-head happy.

Clearly this EP is extremely different from what we’ve heard from Rusko in the past. However, rather than saying he’s “changed”, a better word may be “evolved”. He’s definitely not producing the same style of music since Cockney Thug, or the Bionic Commando Theme Song remix, but he’s opened windows of possibility for himself, created his own style, and combined genres to please even more mixes of listeners! I still can’t believe he’s giving this away for free…