Described by Rusko as “totally dance floor, gnarly and more traditionally DnB,” the British dubstep and drum and bass producer has released his new 3 song EP “Lift Me Up.” Combining sweet melodies with heavy bass reminiscent of his track “Everyday,” Rusko has succeeded in producing an album that mixes drum and bass with dubstep in a very enticing way.

Featuring tracks “Starlight,” “Lift Me Up” and “Murda Sound,” the EP continues Rusko’s commitment to combat tracks that swap out nuance for harder sounds and contribute more well crafted tracks to the genre. Influenced by the sounds of his youth, “Lift Me Up” is Ruskos first release since “Kapow” in 2012 and “Murda Sound” has reportedly been his favorite to make on the EP.

Available for purchase in its entirety on Beatport, “Lift Me Up” has been released under Skrillex’s  OWSLA label and Rusko has seems to have slightly changed his style to embrace his new OWSLA identity. With crisp vocals that skip and echo and catchy beats that flow into thick heavy sounds “Lift Me Up” is definitely worth a listen.