After lobbying ABC’s Denver7 News to let him fulfill his dream of hosting an on-air weather forecast in the most creative way possible, Ryan Adams’ fantasy became a reality when he got to do just that on Wednesday evening. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Earlier this week, Adams, who is set to headline Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater on Thursday night, released a song in which he more or less begged the station to let him do the weather. Fortunately for the acclaimed country-rocker, the folks at Denver7 were more than willing to accommodate him.

According to Consequence of Sound, Adams wrote the song as part of a deal with Denver7 anchor Shannon Ogden, who told him she’d help him score the weather gig if he wrote her a song. The folks at Denver7 even put together a goofy animated music video for the number, which was titled, “Denver7 (Piece of Heaven)”.

As promised in his song, Adams arrived at the studio wearing a Batman t-shirt and flannel. After a few minutes of behind-the-desk banter with the Denver7 anchors, Adams got a crash course in proper green screen techniques from chief meteorologist Mike Nelson. What followed was a highly-entertaining, though technically subpar, weather report from the famously aloof singer-songwriter.

Check it out for yourself:

Ryan Adams does the weather

[Video: Denver7 News]