Ryan Montbleau and Tall Heights have joined forces on a new cover of Crosby, Stills & Nash‘s “Helplessly Hoping”. The well-loved Crosby, Stills & Nash homage comes at the perfect time, as billions across the globe struggle with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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After meeting at an “Open Mic Throwdown” in Cambridge, MA back in 2011, Montbleau and Tall Heights’ Tim Harrington (guitar/vocals) and Paul Wright (cello/vocals) began touring together frequently. Soon after, in 2014, the trio released a cover of Tracy Chapman‘s “Fast Car”, which has since been streamed over 60 million times on Spotify. Having seen so much success with that collaboration and with such a great relationship between the artists, it was only a matter of time before they hit the studio together once more.

“It’s a little daunting to put out your version of a song when the original is so monumental,” Montbleau notes in a press release.

“I just love the song so much and always wanted to sing it. And what a message and sentiment right now during a pandemic when every day is such a roller-coaster of emotion. I go from thinking things are fine to being horrified at the news and then back to hopeful again,” continuesMontbleau. “Having all of your day-to-day routine taken away, whatever that may be, I think it’s making us all dig down deep and continue to find meaning in our lives in a way we haven’t had to before. All we can do is helplessly hope. We’re alone and we’re for each other. That song’s message will always resonate but it feels especially true right now.”

Replete with punctual guitar work and excellent vocal harmonies, Ryan Montbleau and Tall Heights certainly delivered with their latest release. Listen to their rendition of “Helplessly Hoping” below.

Ryan Montbleau & Tall Heights – “Helplessly Hoping” [Crosby, Stills & Nash cover]

[Video: Ryan Montbleau]

Like virtually all musicians, both Ryan Montbleau and Tall Heights have recently had to postpone tour dates due to the novel coronavirus crisis. Head to Montbleau’s and Tall Heights’ websites, here and here, respectively, for the latest tour information.