A 12-inch promo single from British DJ Scaramanga Silk released independently back in 2008 is now the most expensive record ever sold on the music database and marketplace Discogs, the website announced recently.

A list of the 100 most expensive records sold through the website has been shared by Discogs and lists the promo gatefold for Scaramanga Silk’s 2008 debut Choose Your Weapon (which included the 12-inch single on vinyl and CD) as having been sold for an astounding $41,095.89 this past December. The record was just one of 20 total copies ever made, and also came with an art print by Immyart and a poem on acetate.

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According to a Rolling Stone report, the Scaramanga Silk collectors single out-earned a rare copy of Prince‘s The Black Album, which sold for an equally-amazing $27,500. The Prince album was sold under its original working title, “The Funk Bible“, which was the name included on a limited number of promotional copies released before Prince officially changed the title to The Black Album prior to its official release in late 1987. The promo-only editions of the album reportedly came in a simple black sleeve accompanied the disc, without a printed title, artist name, production credits, or photography.

The Rolling Stone report also details some of the other top album sales sold via Discogs over the years, which include a promo copy of The Beatles’ first-ever seven-inch “Love Me Do” ($15,410.96), a seven-inch of the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen” ($15,060.24), and a special promo copy of Pink Floyd‘s, Ummagumma ($14,457.83).

Click here for more info on Scaramanga Silk’s Choose Your Weapon listing on Discogs.

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