The funk maestros of Scary Pockets have once again linked up with the Hammond organ heavyweight Larry Goldings for a new album, Scary Goldings IV. Due out on December 31st via Pockets Inc.Scary Goldings IV will feature ten songs tracked by an all-star cast of funk and jazz music mainstays, engineered by Caleb Parker, and mixed by Craig Polasko.

In addition to Golding and Scary Pockets’ Ryan Lerman (guitar) and Jack Conte (Wurlitzer), the new album will hear bassist MonoNeon on all ten songs, with appearances on several tracks by guitarist John Scofield, and drummers Louis Cole, Tamir Barzilay, and Lemar Carter.

So far, Scary Goldings has released five videos from the multi-day recording session, cycling through a variety of lineups. With each configuration came a new sound and a unique take on the purely-instrumental offerings. The first release, “Bruise Cruise”, arrived on October 18th and featured Scofield on guitar with Louis Cole on drums. The second, “Professor Vicarious”, saw the same lineup, while the third, “Disco Pills”, removed Scofield and Cole but added the superb skills of Barzilay on drums. Scofield returned for the fourth release, “Cornish Hen”, earlier this month, which saw Carter behind the kit. The final offering which arrived today, November 24th, saw yet another stripped-down lineup with Barzilay on drums for the high-flying “Lurch”.

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“Just having another guitar player in the band makes you approach things differently, so there’s that to navigate. I grew up listening to Scofield since I was 14, so there were slight nerves to contend with, but he was so encouraging and humble,” said Lerman in a press release, admitting to a bit of starstruck awe.

“We all had dinner the night before and Larry and Sco were telling stories and it was so fun to hear them talk,” Lerman continued. “In the studio the next day I felt like, ‘Wow—that sound that I’m used to hearing through my speakers at 14 is now coming out of the amp next to me.’ I definitely had moments of pinching myself and nerding out.”

In addition to a digital release, Scary Goldings IV will also be available in vinyl format. Fans who sign up to the Scary Pockets Vinyl Club on Patreon by November 30th will receive a deluxe vinyl signed by Goldings, Lerman, and Conte. Click here for more information, check out all five releases thus far via the video players below, and scroll down for a full album tracklist and artwork.

Scary Goldings will hit the road in 2022, making stops in Vancouver, Canada (1/31); Seattle, WA (2/1); Portland, OR (2/2); San Francisco, CA (2/4); Los Angeles, CA (2/5); and San Diego, CA (2/6). Head to Scary Pockets’ website for tickets and additional information.

Scary Goldings ft. John Scofield, Louis Cole – “Bruise Cruise”

Scary Goldings ft. John Scofield, Louis Cole – “Professor Vicarious”

Scary Goldings ft. Tamir Barzilay – “Disco Pills”

Scary Goldings ft. John Scofield, Lemar Carter – “Cornish Hen”

Scary Goldings ft. Tamir Barzilay  “Lurch”

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Scary Goldings IV Tracklist

Disco Pills

Cornish Hen

Bruise Cruise


Professor Vicarious

Pony Up

The Shiner

Meter’s Running

Hi Ho Silverstein

Tacobell’s Canon

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