Mungion bassist Sean Carolan took to the band’s Facebook page on Wednesday to announce his departure from the group. Carolan’s final full show with the Chicago-based jam outfit will be on Friday, March 6th at the Miramar Theatre in Milwaukee, WI.

In the post, Carolan expressed sincere gratitude to all of the family, friends, and fans that have made his career, as well as the rest of the band’s, career possible. While he gave no specific reasons for his departure, Carolan indicated that he felt no ill-will toward his bandmates and wished them a bright and prosperous future.

At a certain point – I think words have a bit of a limit in their ability to describe things – this would be an instance of that as I don’t really have any words to describe what these guys mean to me. It has been a wild ride and I’m grateful for every single second that I got to share with these guys on stage and off. The bond we have is unbreakable and always will be. Thank you to the family, significant others, and friends who have helped contribute so much to this as well – I am incredibly grateful to each one of you – as you guys are truly what keeps this moving through your own sacrifices. Mungion could not exist if it weren’t for the team of loved ones behind the scenes doing what they do.

In a statement from the band at the bottom of the post, they noted that, under the circumstances, the best course of action for the band and its fans is to reschedule their shows at the end of March. Refunds for any of Mungion’s shows from March 19th–27th will be available through the point of purchase. The group said that their “triumphant return” will be on Friday, April 10th at Durty Nellies in Palatine, IL. At the end of Carolan’s section of the post, he mentioned that he will see fans this weekend at the aforementioned farewell show “and who knows — Durty Nellies?”

Carolan’s departure comes shortly after Mungion introduced their new drummer Nick Van Leer in January, replacing former drummer Matt Kellen.

Sean Carolan’s full post about leaving Mungion is available below. For tour dates and up-to-date information, head to the band’s website.