Even as many states around the country reopen businesses, and subsequently see massive spikes in coronavirus cases, many are still electing to stay at home. One of those people is Andy Frasco & The U.N. guitarist Shawn Eckels, who turned his everyday quarantine struggles into a parody of CAKE‘s “The Distance”, dubbed “Socially Distant”.

Frasco and The U.N. are already known for their onstage antics from excessive stage-dives to games of musical chairs where every musician switches instruments with one another. This past winter, Frasco and BIG Something teamed up with comedian Kyle Ayers on a wrestling-themed Royal Rumble tour.

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In the raunchy video, Eckels discusses the everyday problems of quarantine from a lack of sanitary wipes and excessive horniness, but mainly excessive horniness. Lines about the conspiracy that COVID-19 was caused by somebody eating a bat that can be construed as somewhat serious are immediately doused with “Now everyone’s sick/Want’s to go to his girlfriend, give her some d*ck.” The raunchiness continues atop the classic 1990’s alternative riff as Eckels and company launch into the refrain of “He’s socially distant/He’s been home for weeks/She’s all alone (all alone), living in quarantine.”

Watch Shawn Eckels parody “The Distance” with “Socially Distant”.

Shawn Eckels — “Socially Distant”