Singer Shira Elias returned on Thursday with details of her sophomore solo effort, SERVICES the EP. The six-track collection out on December 2nd serves as a sequel to her 2020 debut, GOODS the EP. Along with the announcement, Elias shared the groovy lead single, “HOOK’D”.

For her second EP, Elias has come back stronger and more sure of herself as an artist. During the two years since GOODS, Elias relocated to Los Angeles and with it came some fresh creative scenery. Following the dissolution of Turkuaz in late 2021, the singer-songwriter has manifested her own path as solo performer in addition performing shows with established bands like The Motet and new projects like Cool Cool Cool, which features several of her former bandmates.

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“Where GOODS was my first solo endeavor, really trying to find a voice while still living and grinding in New York, SERVICES is me exploring a new world, moving to Los Angeles during a global pandemic, and trying to love who I am,” Elias said. “I think you can really hear the evolution and the difference in the writing and production”

On “HOOK’D”, Elias personifies the first spark of a crush with her vocals overtop a laid-back R&B groove. The lead single is emblematic of things to come as Shira take the space to sing with her own voice, rather than blending into an ensemble.

“‘HOOK’D’ is about animalistic love; that carnal, raw, exciting feeling of the chase at the beginning of a connection,” Elias said. “It’s supposed to sound like the sparks that fly and build inside of you when you are attracted to someone but the mystery of not knowing where it will go.”

In anticipation of SERVICES the EP, Shira will perform a trio of solo shows in Southern California next month. After that, she will reconvene with her former Turkuaz bandmates Sammi GarettChris BrouwersJosh SchwartzGreg SandersonMichelangelo Carubba, and Craig Brodhead for a Cool Cool Cool set at North Beach Music Festival on December 10th.

Stream “HOOK’D”, the new single from Shira Elias off her forthcoming SERVICES the EP, available here for pre-order. Tickets and a full list of tour dates are available on her website.

Shira Elias – “HOOK’D”