A short film that features narration from late Rush drummer Neil Peart prior to his death back in January is now available for fans to watch online. Entitled, Growth Rings, the film was produced in collaboration with DW Drums (one of the preferred brands used by Peart during his career) and focuses on the way in which music marks specific moments throughout our lives, according to its about section on YouTube.

Peart also co-wrote the film alongside Jeremy Bout, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the late musician’s skill for penning a creative narrative on Rush songs like “Limelight” and “The Analog Kid”. Live footage of Rush performing “The Spirit of Radio” is also seen briefly towards the latter half of the film.

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“Just as the life of a tree can be understood through it’s growth rings, we can look at the milestones and eras of our lives and reminiscence of the songs and bands that resonated with us during those times,” it reads on the video’s about section. The entire film runs for just less than eight minutes in length.

Watch Growth Rings featuring narration from Neil Peart in full below.

Growth Rings: A Short film Narrated By Neil Peart

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