It’s hard to believe that Phish‘s 13-night run at Madison Square Garden is actually coming near an end. The triumphant Baker’s Dozen has been a truly legendary task by the Vermont-bred foursome, and their execution has been mind-blowing to new extents. With each night bringing a new donut flavor, and therefore a theme for each setlist to conform to, the band has reached new heights of creativity, improvisation, and mastery with their no-repeat streak. This all makes Sunday’s show the most sought out of them all, as it will conclude their record-breaking performances on a day of the week notorious for specialty shows. Fans who are shut out of the Garden will inevitably be searching for ways to feast their ears on Sunday night’s show.

SiriusXM Jam_On has announced that they will be live streaming Sunday night’s Phish show. Tune in to channel 29 to listen to crisp audio of the full show, starting around 8:00PM EST. Glaze On!

[cover photo by Dave DeCrescente]