SiriusXM Phish Radio has announced “The Year In Phish,” a guest-filled retrospective special set to premiere this Thursday, December 24th, 2020 at 4 p.m. ET only on Phish Radio (SiriusXM Channel 29). Encore airings of “The Year In Phish” will take place on Friday, December 25th at 9 a.m. ET; Saturday, December 26th at 5 p.m. ET; and Sunday, December 27th at 7 p.m. ET. Listen online here.

While 2020 presented a vastly different world for music-lovers, Phish managed to keep fans engaged at every turn. From regular webcasts and virtual dinner engagements via archival webcast series Dinner and a Movie to a surprise new studio album, Sigma Oasis, to Trey Anastasio‘s historic virtual residency, The Beacon Jams, and beyond, the lack of regular shows and tours didn’t stop the band and its members from offering regular opportunities to unite a fanbase spread to the four corners of the Earth.

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Phish Radio’s “The Year In Phish” special will feature segments on various elements of this unusual yet eventful year for the band presented by a slew of guest hosts from across the greater Phish community. In addition to Phish Radio host Ari Fink, guest hosts include Scott Bernstein and Andy Kahn (JamBase), Karina Rykman and Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta (Relix, 3 from the 7), Elisa Allechant and Dawn Jenkins (Phemale-Centrics)Jonathan Schwartz (Phish Radio) and Kevin Shapiro (Phish archivist), Dean Budnick (Relix), Jordan Hoffman (Vanity Fair), Phish lyricist Tom Marshall, The Beacon Jams darling Heather McDougal, and Live For Live Music editor-in-chief Andrew O’Brien.

On Thursday at 2 p.m. ET, prior to “The Year In Phish,” tune in to Phish Radio for a special Christmas surprise from Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell.

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