Thanks to creator Jason Oda, Skrillex has his very own video game called Skrillex Quest.

After making a recent cameo in the movie Wreck-It Ralph, the EDM mega star is taking his stand in the online gaming world.   Similar to the layout of the original The Legend of Zelda , this 8-bit RPG inspired video game has graphics that syncs perfectly with glitch like dubstep.

Skrillex Quest takes place in a 2D fantasy world inside an old school NES-like cartridge that is over thrown by evil dust particles. The idea came to Oda by recalling the good old days of having to blow into a gaming cartridge to make it work.  Players take the role of a brave knight sent on a mission to rid his world of dust demons and free the Dead Princess.

The game play is quite simple.  Arrow keys move the knight from place to place while the space bar allows him to swing his sword.  The knight fights psychedelic colored cubes attempting to destroy him and his land.  Although the controls are easy, trying to see through the intentional glitches and static used to give it that old school feel gets distracting.

Song such as “Summit” are used in the game and even inspired a level, where the knight is challenged by a boss cube that has Skrillex’s signature hair-do/glasses combo (hilarious).

Although Skrillex Quest may not be the best game ever played, it is surprisingly entertaining as well as free. Start your own dubstep adventure at