Sky Society and Twanz have released volume 2 of their EP series, Between The Sounds, featuring their new Flamingosis collab, “Laid Back Coolin'”.

The three-song set follows Between The Sounds, Vol. 1, released back in 2020 via Noh Life Music, the label lead by the producer trio of Strehlow, Tyluv, and Ian Ewing.

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Perfect for your poolside playlist, “Laid Back Coolin'” featuring Flamingosis bubbles and pulses over a chilled-out groove. The new track also serves as a celebration of the long friendship Flamingosis and Sky Society have built as their career trajectories have risen together over the last decade.

From humble beginnings in Lancaster, PA back in 2011, DJ/producer Juany Santos—who two years later would adopt the monicker Sky Society—first came into contact with Flamingosis, aka Aaron Velasquez. Even in the midst of a crowded rave with hundreds of attendees and roaring music, there was an instant music connection between Santos and Flamingosis.

“A few months later Flamingosis popped up at a show we played in this tightly packed bar, tucked away in the cut and after the set we both had a moment to finally talk without extremely loud music playing and hundreds of people around us,” Santos told Live For Live Music. “It was real recognize real, he genuinely expressed how he enjoyed our music & appreciated what we were doing for the scene. He was a year younger than me, in college at the time and I was fully pursuing a career in all avenues of the music industry I felt drawn to. Before us parting ways that night I remember him humbly saying ‘Yo man I’ve been making music too, we should hangout sometime and work on something.'”

Fast forward a decade later and both Sky Society and Flamingosis are continuing that friendship while simultaneously watching their status rise as they develop a cult following. The shared experiences of rising through the scene since that first rave reverberates through the speakers on the pair’s new collaboration. Scroll down to watch the music video for “Laid Back Coolin'”.

Sky Society, Twanz & Flamingosis – “Laid Back Coolin'” (Official Video)

[Video: Sky Society]

Beyond “Laid Back Coolin”, Between The Sounds, Vol 2 comes as the latest string of releases from the rising artist. Sky Society noted in a press release that, “Between the Sounds was an intentional concept that we created with our good friend Twanz & has several parts to it that have been curated into shorter listening experiences in the form of 3 track EPs. Volume 2 comes through with all the right moods for every occasion.”

“Feel This”, with its darker ambiance and smooth jazz saxophone lead, evokes smokey barrooms of old, telegraphs the reaction people will have to it (i.e. they’ll feel this), while “Current Mood” follows like the precarious trip home at the end of a long night. Together, the three-song EP constructs its own musical world, transporting listeners to an environment custom curated by Sky Society, Twanz, and Flamingosis.

Listen to Sky Society and Twanz’s Between The Sounds, Vol. 2 on the platform of your choice and follow Sky Society’s various pages here and Twanz here or stream the new EP via Spotify below. Be on the lookout for Sky Society’s June 25th music video and single release of “Holy Time (feat. Ehiorobo)”.

Sky Society, Twanz – Between The Sounds, Vol. 2 – Full EP