Today, a mysterious countdown clock appeared on Smashing Pumpkins’ official website—with the clock scheduled to end at noon on Thursday, February 15th—along with an option for fans to join a new mailing list. This website update was also paired with the band’s announcement of Smashing Pumpkins-branded ice cream trucks in New York City and Los Angeles and a new giveaway from Yamaha Guitars. It’s clear that the Chicago alternative-rock group is gearing up for something big, and many are speculating that the clock is counting down to the announcement that the original lineup of Smashing Pumpkins will be reuniting.

In 2016, frontman Billy Corgan noted he was in talks with the other founding members of the Smashing Pumpkins and that they were considering reforming the original band. Recently, Corgan has dropped more hints that seem to imply that a reunion, or at least a collaboration, is likely (though the official clock on the website seems to hint at the former). In mid-January, he shared a photo of original guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin visiting him in the studio, and followed it up a few weeks later with a post noting he’s been working on a new album with Rick Rubin. However, as Pitchfork notes, “it’s unclear whether original bassist D’Arcy Wretzky will be involved.”

Smashing Pumpkins has undergone a number of lineup changes since the group’s formation in 1988. After breaking up in 2000, frontman Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin got back together in 2006 and added guitarist Jeff Schroeder among others. Eventually, in 2009, Chamberlin left, leaving Corgan as the only original member of the group. In the time since, Corgan has consistently rotated the musicians in the Smashing Pumpkins’ lineup, save Schroeder who has remained as the only other core member of the group.

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