Snoop Dogg trades blunts for baldness as he becomes Larry David in the new Curb Your Enthusiasm-style video for “Crip Ya Enthusiasm”. The music video for the Bacc On Death Row track uses Astro Project‘s Web3 technology to create an immersive world inspired by the hit HBO sitcom.

“Crip Ya Enthusiasm” puts a remix on the show’s iconic opening theme, written by Italian film composer Luciano Michelini in the 1970s and titled “Frolic”. The soundtrack follows Snoop David as he laces up his sneakers, throws on a pair of khakis, and dons his best sweater-sport coat combo as he hits the town to get slighted by everyone he sees.

The video also hosts surprising cameos by Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur (who helps Snoop execute a terrific chat n’ cut). Biggie is actually one of the offending parties who bans Snoop from his Juicy’s food truck saying, “No wraps for you!” Pac then comes in to help Snoop go full Social Assasin by opening a spite truck right next door to Biggie.

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Along with the video, Astro Project released 11,111 donut digital tokens. These act as keys that allow users to access the digital assets used to create the video like Snoop David’s character, the donut shop, and more to create their own videos. Animators used a donut for the token as the fried treat is usually the first thing new 3D designers learn to create.

The “Crip Ya Enthusiasm” video is the latest Web3 venture for Snoop Dogg, who has become a towering figure in the crypto world. To coincide with the release of Bacc On Death Row—Snoop’s first album since purchasing Death Row Records—the rapper released a line of NFTs with Gala Music, allowing fans to purchase individual songs as digital collectibles. Snoop also owns property in The Sandbox, a digital metaverse project where one user paid $450,000 to be his neighbor.

Watch the new music video for Snoop Dogg’s “Crip Ya Enthusiasm” and visit the Astro Project website to learn more about the Web3 technology used to make it.

Snoop Dogg – “Crip Ya Enthusiasm” (Official Video)