Teacher: Please use “ridiculous” in a sentence.

Student: Somebody actually had the bright idea to start selling a “Molly Monster” costumes for Halloween; that s#!t is RIDICULOUS!

It has finally happened, hell hath frozen over; as if it wasn’t bad enough that people actually dress like that on their own, someone or some company decided to make a Halloween costume that is fashioned after EDM ravers, aka ‘Candy Kids‘. Now, before you lambast us and say, “It’s all about ‘PLUR’, people can dress how they want; it’s a form of expression….” we get that, no qualms here. You want to go to a show dressed in a get-up like that, and you are 18+, hey, express yourself. But when these costumes are sized for a 5-year old, well, sorry folks, we have a major problem with that.

I’m not a parent, but if and when I have kids, you can be damn sure that they will NEVER be allowed to purchase a “Molly Monster” costume for their annual trick or treat excursions around the neighborhood, nor I purchasing such for them. Here is just a couple of reasons why even the idea of selling these is absurd:

#1 – By 5 years old they shouldn’t be sucking on pacifiers anymore; and neither should you! It looks….(here is that vocabulary word again)…RIDICULOUS!

#2 – Imagine the looks you will get while strolling around the neighborhood with your half-dressed, scantily-clad toddler. “Look, honey, there are THOSE parents that allow their children to dress like hoochies.” Great! Now we suddenly become “those parents”….how quickly the tides turn around the good ol’ neighborhood.

#3 – The connotation, in an of itself, screams complete lack of consideration and thought, when given the recent problems surrounding deaths and overdoses due to “Molly,” or some other drug pawned off as such. You think I want my kid roaming around the neighborhood with this outfit on? Thanks, but no thanks.

#4 – Just throwing this in there because I feel like it. You may point out that they also sell them for adults. Yes, they make them for adults too. However, I am a grown man and like my women pacifier-less. Sorry, that’s unattractive. Not a good look, toots.

These are simply one man’s thoughts on the subject. Maybe I should write a disclaimer that this in no way reflects the thoughts of Live for Live Music as an entity. Eh, whatever. Instead I will post this picture as a reminder of what you actually look like when you dress like that:


Now, if that’s not enough to make you never want to dress up like “Molly Monster,” I don’t know what is. Happy Halloween kiddos!