Just a few months ago, the media fawned over an unusual story featuring hip hop legends Wu-Tang Clan and real-life comic book villain Martin Shkreli. Now it seems that the tale will make its stage debut.

As the story goes, Wu-Tang Clan created a one-of-a-kind album called Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, and put it on the market for the highest bidder. The bidder was a man named Martin Shkreli, who infamously raised the price of an HIV medication by over 5,000%. Purchasing the unique Wu-Tang Clan album only fueled the flames of contempt, especially when he publicly said he hadn’t even bothered to listen to it. He also wanted to get Radiohead to make him a personal record too…

The story had one interesting caveat, as a photograph of the contract signed by Shkreli appeared to have a clause allowing Wu-Tang to organize a heist and recover the record, so long as Bill Murray was in on it. Of course this ridiculous hypothetical never actually appeared in the contract, but it did inspired a new musical comedy called Martin Shkreli’s Game.

According to Rolling Stone, the new musical will debut at NYC’s Midtown International Festival, and imagines a scenario where Bill Murray and Wu-Tang members team up to retrieve the Shaolin disc. Writers Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esther tell us more about their “musical caper comedy” in a new video, which you can watch below.

The Martin Shkreli’s Game musical is set to premiere on July 19th, and an IndieGogo page is set up to help fundraise for the costs and wages of the actors. We can’t wait to see this story come to life!