On Wednesday night, PrimusWeenTrey ParkerMatt Stone, and more headed back down to South Park (erm, Red Rocks) for the second and final night of the animated comedy’s 25th-anniversary blowout. While the second night of the festivities largely mirrored the first, Wednesday’s show came complete with a few added surprises—from Colorado governor Jared Polis coming onstage to rattle off some references and proclaim August 10th “South Park Day” to a sit-in from Rush members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson on “Closer To The Heart”.

Following a Primus-performed take on South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut‘s “Blame Canada”, animated versions of the Canadian prog-rock legends—silly, free-floating heads and all—appeared on the screen to come to the Great White North’s defense.

After the animated Lifeson learned about the South Park 25th birthday “farty” via a telegram from Terrance and Phillip, his Geddy counterpart contemplated how they might congratulate the creators. “Hey Alex, what can we do for our pals Matt and Trey?” bobble-headed cartoon Lee wondered. “Send them some free Rush beer? Or even worse, we could show up and jam with them, eh?!”

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As a stunned Matt Stone laughed from behind the drum kit, real-life Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee took the stage. Les Claypool, dressed in the very threads his animated likeness wears in the South Park opening credits, explained that he had been covertly convincing a reluctant Stone to learn “Closer To The Heart” for this very moment.

“So, for the past three months we’ve been doing this Tribute to Kings thing, a tribute to our new friends over here,” he explained. When the South Park concerts started becoming a reality, he figured it would be a great surprise to bring Lee and Lifeson out to play “Closer To The Heart”.

“So, I said, Matt, you gotta play drums on ‘Closer’, he’s like, ahh, I don’t know… shit’s hard,” Les continued. “I’ve been pushing him and pushing him and pushing him, pushing him to play this thing. ‘Cause he had no idea we were dropping this on him. Well, here you go, brother!” As an elated Stone drummed along, Claypool and Lee shared vocals on a powerful rendition of the A Farewell to Kings classic.

Watch fan-shot footage of the surprise appearance by Rush bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson with Les Claypool, Matt Stone, and more at the second night of the South Park 25th-anniversary blowout at Red Rocks below. Read a complete rundown of the first night of the party here.

Primus, Rush’s Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson, Matt Stone – “Closer To The Heart” (Rush) – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – 8/10/22


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