Every band has dealt with performing for unusual crowds, but Southern Avenue faces a particularly tough crowd in the video for new single “Push On”: the rambunctious attendees of a kid’s birthday party.

While the new video kicks off with the sort of badass, cinematic intro that usually precedes a walk out onto a big stage, the tone quickly changes as the band realizes what they’re up against. True to the message of the track, however, the band plays on, bringing some soul to the unsuspecting, puzzled youth.

Eventually, a projectile cupcake to guitarist Ori Naftaly‘s face breaks the trance—and uninhibited, joyous mayhem ensues.

“We wanted the video to be fun, colorful, and alive. What better way to do that than to make it a raging party filled with super-cute kids,” says Southern Avenue frontwoman, the song’s co-writer, and mom of two of the video’s young stars, Tierinii Jackson. “The energy of the track was definitely matched by our adorable friends. It’s LIT!”

Watch Southern Avenue a birthday party show for the elementary school record books in the new music video for “Push On” below.

Southern Avenue – “Push Now” (Official Video)

[Video: Southern Avenue Music]

“Push On” is the first single to emerge from Southern Avenue’s forthcoming LP, Be The Love You Want. Be The Love You Want. The album, co-produced by multiple Grammy-winner Steve Berlin (Los Lobos, Deer Tick, Susan Tedeschi, Jackie Greene) and Southern Avenue guitarist Ori Naftaly, is due out on August 27th, 2021 via Renew Records/BMG.

While much of Southern Avenue’s previous material was written by Tierinii and Ori, Be The Love You Want features songwriting collaborations with the likes of multiple Grammy-winning pop superstar Jason Mraz and certified Platinum producer Michael Goldwasser from Easy Star All-Stars on “Move Into The Light”, a churning, funk-blasted burner.

In addition to contributing to “Push Now”, North Mississippi Allstars’ Cody Dickinson collaborated with the band on “Push Now” and “Heathen Hearts”. The songwriting core grew within the band as well, as drummer Tikyra Jackson and bassist Evan Sarver collaborated to co-write “Let’s Get It Together” and “Pressure.”

The songwriting crew for Southern Avenue grew from within the band on Be The Love You Want, as well. Album tracks “Let’s Get It Together” and “Pressure” were collaboratively written by drummer Tikyra Jackson and bassist Evan Sarver.

Pre-order your copy of Be The Love You Want here. For a list of upcoming tour dates, head here.