Space Bacon will make its highly anticipated return to Brooklyn Made in Bushwick on Saturday, April 20th with support from One Time Weekend and Teddy Midnight. The concert will mark a full-circle moment for the band and its fans as the beloved Brooklyn venue was the setting for original Bacon guitarist Jack Willard’s final show in March 2023. Since then, Space Bacon has traversed new markets with Freddy Rylands on guitar, written and debuted new songs, released soundboards from every show on, and continued to expand upon its humble beginnings as a college band playing house parties in The Bronx.

Coming off a two-night run in Connecticut with Papadosio and its debut in Buffalo with Mungion, Space Bacon is prepared to push things to the limit this spring with no signs of letting up through summer. This upcoming hometown celebration on 4/20 will catalyze what’s approaching and with an already stacked schedule, there is still more looming on the horizon.

“Brooklyn has poked, prodded, and provoked musicality out of humans for decades,” Space Bacon told Live For Live Music of its home base. “The variance in sounds, styles, and stories is well-documented. It is a place of heart, soul, swagger, and attitude. There is a romantic intensity. Sure, some of the neighborhoods within the borough are ever-changing, but an underlying presence remains; times change, people change, but some things stay the same; the music will never stop.”

Space Bacon has been operating out of its Bushwick rehearsal space for years. The band has played a plethora of venues throughout the borough, from dingy dive bars to Brooklyn Bowl, it’s where Space Bacon cut its teeth and took risks. This will be the band’s first 4/20 show in Brooklyn and, given the city of New York’s dramatically altered views on cannabis use, it should be an idyllic evening for all those who care to indulge.

“To live the human experience is to juggle the raw imperfections of self and those around us,” the band said, “working to smile more than we frown and laugh more than we cry, and in the end accepting the good, bad, and indifferent in hopes of appreciating the whole shebang when the curtain closes. Live improvisational music is a direct reflection of the human experience, and it’s beautiful. It’s what keeps Space Bacon and its fans going. It’s what keeps us coming back.”

Tickets for the Space Bacon show at Brooklyn Made on Saturday, April 20th are on sale here. The band also has festival appearances throughout the summer, including sets at CaveJamNorthlands, Secret Dreams, and more. See below for a full list of upcoming tour dates. Space Bacon has kept up a steady stream of full-show videos on its YouTube channel.

Space Bacon — The 8×10 — Baltimore, MD — 2/9/24 — Full Video

Space Bacon 2024 Tour Dates

4/20 – Brooklyn Made – Brooklyn, NY

5/26 – CaveJam at the Caverns – Pelham, TN

6/14 – Northlands Music & Arts Festival – Swanzey, NH

7/18-7/20 – Secret Dreams Music & Arts Festival – Legend Valley – Thornville, OH

8/1 – 8/4 – The Homie Collective Campout – Charlton, MA

8/8 – 8/11 – GareFest – Sandy Lake, PA

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