Spafford tapped members of the The Disco Biscuits to sit in at both of the band’s shows in the Biscuits’ home state of Pennsylvania over the weekend, welcoming keyboardist Aron Magner on Friday and guitarist Jon Barber on Saturday.

The duo of PA shows began on Friday at Ardmore Music Hall. After opening with a jam-heavy sequence of “It’s A Bunch” > “Back Door Funk” and “Mind’s Unchained”, Spafford welcomed Disco Biscuits keyboardist Aron Magner to sit in on a set-closing “In The Eyes Of Thieves”. Spafford’s new keyboardist, Cory Schechtman, shifted to playing saxophone during the jam as Magner took his keyboard rig for a spin. The second set opened with a sequence of “The Postman” into “Down Under” by Men at Work and back into “The Postman”, followed by a pairing of “Diesel Driver” > “Salamander Song” and a “Lonely” encore.

Spafford – “It’s A Bunch” [Pro-Shot] – 1/27/23 

Spafford, Aron Magner – “In The Eyes Of Thieves” [Pro-Shot] – 1/27/23 

Spafford continued on to Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia on Saturday, where they welcomed Disco Biscuits guitarist Jon Barber to sit in on “Ain’t That Wrong” during the second set. The band showcased the chemistry of its new lineup with another improvisation-heavy first set that featured “Ginger Stardust” > “All In”, “Leave The light On” > “Electric Taco Stand” > “Leave The Light On”. The second set likewise included just four songs with extended jams, namely “Giants in the Light” > “The Waltz”, “Ain’t That Wrong”, and “Weasel”, followed by a two-song encore featuring “To The Nest” and the title track from the band’s most recent album, Simple Mysteries.

Check out Jon Barber sitting in with Spafford on “Ain’t That Wrong” alongside full video of the entire show at Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia. Spafford’s tour continues on Tuesday, January 31st at Buffalo Iron Works in Buffalo, NY. For a full list of upcoming shows and ticketing details, visit the band’s website.

Spafford, Jon Barber – “Ain’t That Wrong” [Pro-Shot] – 1/27/23 

Spafford – Brooklyn Bowl – Philadelphia, PA – 1/28/23 – Full Show

Setlist [via Spaffnerds]: Spafford | Ardmore Music Hall | Ardmore, PA | 1/27/23

Set 1: It’s A Bunch > Backdoor Funk, Mind’s Unchained, In The Eyes Of Thieves

Set 2: The Postman > Down Under [1] > The Postman, Diesel Driver > Salamander Song

Encore: Lonely

[1]: Men at Work

Setlist [via Spaffnerds]: Spafford | Brooklyn Bowl | Philadelphia, PA | 1/28/23

Set 1: Ginger Stardust > All In, Leave The Light On > Electric Taco Stand > Leave The Light On

Set 2: Giants in the Light > The Waltz, Ain’t That Wrong, Weasel

Encore: To The Nest > Simple Mysteries