On Monday, Spafford dug into the archives to pull out a live cut of “Whipping Post” from exactly one year prior on November 2nd, 2019 at The Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff, AZ. The Allman Brothers Band cover saw a guest sit in from guitarist Drew Hall (Summa Totius).

Though they were among the first wave of drive-in concert pioneers with their show at the Digital Drive-In in Mesa, AZ back in May, Spafford has kept off the road since then. Save for an appearance at the Democracy Comes Alive virtual festival, the group has mainly stuck to mining for gold through their back catalog—with substantial results.

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Though this wasn’t the first time that the Phoenix-bred jam quartet took on the classic The Allman Brothers Band track, this performance was noteworthy for its inclusion of a second guitar. With Hall teamed up with Spafford guitarist Brian Moss, the two were able to get a much truer ABB sound. Meanwhile, Andrew “Red” Johnson took on the role of Gregg Allman, both in his organ work as well as on vocals.

Despite the fact that it’s his show, Moss even ceded lead guitar to Hall for the solo after the second verse. Hall then took the ball and ran with it as he set the stage ablaze. With both guitarists having gotten their center stage moment, the back-nine of the song became a true collaborative effort. The two musicians began to actually share the lead, rather than just one playing rhythm and the other guiding the improvisation. As then-recently-reinstalled drummer Nick Tkachyk built the beat back up to a frenzy, the rest of the band followed suit. This all then stopped on a dime as Red came back in for one last run through the chorus, capped off as Moss and Hall went into full shred mode when they turned back-to-back like a pair of cross-armed opposites from a sitcom commercial.

Watch Spafford cover “Whipping Post” with Drew Hall at The Orpheum Theatre just over a year ago.

Spafford (w/ Drew Hall) – “Whipping Post” (Allman Brothers Band) – Flagstaff, AZ – 11/2/19

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