The latest installment of Sugarshack and Live For Live Music‘s “Miami Sessions” has arrived in the form of a four-song session from “mostly-acoustic” jazz trio, SPAGA. Led by Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits fame, the trio performed three songs from their self-titled, debut album, as well as an instrumental reimagining of Led Zeppelin classic, “Black Dog”.

As Magner said of the session, “Fresh off the plane [en route to Jam Cruise 18], with a belly full of Ropa Vieja and Cubanos, SPAGA made our way down into Little Havana outside of Fort Lauderdale. We set up in a living room of a small home with an audience of videographers to capture this intimate performance for the Sugarshack Music Channel.”

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The chilled-out and stripped-down aesthetic of the Little Havana home proved to be the perfect venue for this exciting act. As a jazz trio, SPAGA has a somewhat different performance hue than what fans are accustomed to seeing from Magner and the Biscuits. Alongside drummer Matt Scarano and upright bassist Jason Fraticelli, Magner plays with SPAGA at jazz clubs like New York’s DROM in the afternoon, rather than a crowded bar late at night.

This cool, collected comfort is immediately apparent as the group begins the session with the delicate intro of “Four Angels”, a multi-part composition written for Magner’s family (“The song actually has four different sections,” Magner explains, “Representing each of my three kids and my wife, Angelika. For Angels… Four Angels”). Gradually, the song builds into a raucous crescendo that proves SPAGA as one of the most uptempo and exciting jazz trios in the contemporary scene.

Next comes “Up For Grabs”, which hears the band once again shift down to first gear to start the song. Even in this relaxed environment, Fraticelli and Scarano can’t resist their animated styles of playing as the song continues to build for another climax, only for Magner to pump the brakes just in time for everyone to cool down.

Next, on “For The Table”, Magner finally gets his own chance to let loose after fulfilling the role of the cool, collected leader for far too long. Soon enough, the rest of the group joins in this frenzied playing for what can only be described as an all-out jazz assault. Finally, as the energy reaches a fever pitch, the band unexpectedly pulls out the most laid-back rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” you’re likely ever to hear. Even they are unable to resist the song’s overbearing energy, however, and ultimately give in to the song’s inherent rocking energy.

Watch SPAGA’s full “Miami Sessions” performance.

SPAGA – “Miami Session – Sugarshack Sessions x Live For Live Music

[Video: Sugarshack Music Channel]

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