SPAGA has released a new single, entitled “Wild Bill”. The song marks the Aron Magner-led jazz trio’s first studio output since the July 2019 release of its debut, self-titled album.

The new song was announced last week on Facebook, yet the band has not revealed any new album in the works. In a new post with the song link, Magner said that the band had been working on “Wild Bill” before COVID-19 shut down live music, and that they remained determined to finish the track despite limitations.

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The song kicks off with a more aggressive SPAGA than fans are used to seeing. With drummer Matt Scarano attacking the snare and high hat, and Fraticelli plunking the bass with enough force to produce a buzzing feedback, “Wild Bill” immediately earns its name. As is frequent with SPAGA, The Disco Biscuits keyboardist comes in as the voice of reason, his brief Wurlitzer phrasings providing a calm influence. The song remains bass driven as Fraticelli leads with some minor, yet pungent, wah wah play. In the tail end of the song, Magner comes to the forefront with some rising synth work and kicking out the electrified sounds for the first time in the whole song.

In a Facebook post sharing the song, Magner said,

On March 11, the trio met at Matt’s house to rehearse for an upcoming show. Matt had a new idea for a song and written the bass line…drummers right?!?!

The next day, the world changed. It took us a couple weeks to come to grips with our new reality, but we decided to forge ahead and complete the song and record it while in isolation. We’re proud of the result considering the limitations and emotions we were juggling.

This song also marks a turning point for the band. The track is more groove oriented than our previous release, as it’s our first track that is not piano forward. Instead, you hear Wurlitzer and some synths. Everything changes. Everything evolves. Looking forward to being part of this new growth cycle.

Listen to “Wild Bill”, the latest single from Aron Magner’s SPAGA.

SPAGA — “Wild Bill”

SPAGA, along with The Disco Biscuits and every other band, is currently holed up in quarantine due to COVID-19. While SPAGA may not have a wealth of archival material, The Disco Biscuits have announced the You Got I, I Got You virtual tour. The webcast series stretches from March to May, and features archival performances spanning 15 years of the band’s illustrious career. Additionally, Magner’s SPAGA, as well as bassist Marc Brownstein‘s Star Kitchen side project, recently participated in the 420 For A Cause live stream event, which featured quarantine performances from an array of artists in honor of the holiday.

You can also watch the recently-debuted video of SPAGA’s Miami Session with Sugarshack and Live For Live Music below:

SPAGA – Sugarshack x Live For Live Music “Miami Sessions”– Full Set

For more information on new releases, head to SPAGA’s website.