After two years with no shows at all during the pandemic, many music-lovers flocked back to live events when venues reopened. Some fans, however, found that they enjoyed the comforts of home more than the hustle and bustle of actually going to a show. For those who crave the jams but think nature is for the birds, the Las Vegas Sphere has announced a cutting-edge new virtual reality concert series set to kick off this fall with the Evening at Red Rocks VR Concert Experience.

Utilizing Sphere’s state-of-the-art video, audio, and 4D sensory technologies, the new VR concert series will transport fans from the Las Vegas Strip to the pristine Red Rocks Amphitheatre of Morrison, CO with dramatic visuals, painstaking attention to detail, and none of the bothersome fresh air and natural splendor associated with the real-life Red Rocks experience.

“After the success of the first-ever Sphere Experience, Postcards from Earth, we are excited to announce another first-of-its-kind virtual reality concert simulation experience,” reads a Sphere press release. “Red Rocks is one of the world’s top destination venues, but between the gum under the seats and the icky nature all around, actually going to Red Rocks feels pretty aggressive. That made it the perfect guinea pig for our VR Concert Experience series. Plus, we already have steep stairs at Sphere, so we were halfway there to begin with.”

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Without fear of hailstorms or other inclement conditions, Evening at Red Rocks VR Concert Experience ticket-holders are guaranteed perfect conditions for their show. They’ll even be able to feel the warmth of the sun and the cool mountain breeze thanks to the venue’s ground-breaking weather simulation technology. Scent misters will also add to the authenticity of the experience with the life-like smell of stale beer, while those who spring for the Virtual Chomper Package will be able to chat throughout the show with Aura, Sphere’s A.I.-powered greeter and spokesbot.

As extreme weather patterns continue to rise, “indoor outdoor” concerts may actually become a viable alternative to outdoor shows even festivals. While VR goggles like the Occulus and recently released Apple Vision Pro are already opening new doors for individualized experiences in the virtual concert space, Sphere’s An Evening at Red Rocks will still let fans gather together and experience an actual live performance—only the venue is virtual. The announcement did not specify what artist (or artists) would perform at Sphere during An Evening at Red Rocks.

According to the announcement, Red Rocks is only the beginning. “Imagine seeing a show at CBGB in 1974 or the Whisky A Go Go in 1969. Imagine getting the chance to experience one more obstructed-view show from at Wetlands in 1999,” the press release reads. “Well, you don’t have to imagine, because we can bring these iconic concert experiences back to life at Sphere.”

Initial reactions to the announcement have been mixed, with some on social media criticizing the notion of a virtual reality Red Rocks experience. “Why would I go to Las Vegas and spend a bunch of money to go to fake Red Rocks when I could just go to Red Rocks?” one X user asked, while another retorted, “Because being outside sucks and nature is scary.”