Early this week, Spotify launched its annual Wrapped feature, which clues users into their music listening habits during the last twelve months. The site is a fun note for music lovers to end their year on, which is a welcome change given the most likely stressful year many have had—the landing page notes “in a year that many wanted to tune out, music gave us a reason to keep listening.”

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Spotify Wrapped concisely offers up interesting personal stats, such as minutes spent listening to music plus number of different artists, songs, and genre listened to. Furthermore, after this initial breakdown, the site quizzes users on their own personal listening habits, asking fans to guess which artist, song, and genre they listened to the most. To finish up this year-end treat for music lovers, Spotify Wrapped offers up a playlist of the top 100 songs listened to as well as a playlist of 30 songs that listeners might enjoy given their song choices over the past year.

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Check out the service for yourself here, and let us know what some of your listening stats for 2017 were!